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Air Conditioning Installations Pretoria, Sandton, Randburg Johannesburg

  • Affordable sales, servicing, and also repairs.
  • Residential and commercial installations Pretoria and also Johannesburg.
  • Installation of mid walls, cassettes, under ceiling and also hideaways.
  • Inverter and also non-inverter units (R410 a gas).

Affordable Air conditioning Installations Pretoria, Johannesburg

Installation of all makes of air conditioning equipment.

Ventilation system.

Maintenance, servicing & air conditioning installations in Pretoria & Johannesburg.

Air conditioning maintenance contracts (building) in Pretoria and also Johannesburg.

We supply all brands of air conditioning units in Pretoria and also Johannesburg to suit your specific needs.

24/7 Air Conditioning Installations Pretoria & JHB

Please refer to our ac size table for installation, specific to air-conditioner capacity.

All sizes Air Conditioning Installations Pretoria & JHB

Determining the size of your room is imperative in order to get the right aircon capacity.

A typical living room measures approximately 40m²

A typical bedroom measures approximately 24m²

Room size in sqm=length(m) x width(m)

Air Conditioning Installations Pretoria, Sandton,Randburg Johannesburg

aircon repairs services

Air Conditioning Installations Johannesburg | Sales and Repairs

Air Conditioning installations Johannesburg and areas near you. we certainly offer Air conditioning servicing and air conditioning maintenance in Johannesburg. So we are able to repair conditioners and provide maintenance and installations to different types of air conditioning units. We have the required expertise to repair and service both domestic and commercial air conditioners for all purposes. Hence we are one of the reliable air conditioning company in Johannesburg. Successful Air Conditioning was established in 2014.

First of all, we are a young and also energetic air conditioning company aiming to maintain high quality of workmanship to our customers. We Certainly offer highly skilled air conditioning services and fulfill all contracts timely and within budget. Above all, we acknowledge the importance of satisfying all customers’ needs through excellent quality and service of air conditioning installations Johannesburg, sales and also repairs.



Air Conditioning Installations Pretoria

Affordable sales, servicing and also repairs.
Residential and also commercial installations in Pretoria.
Installation of midwalls, cassates, underceiling and also hideaways.
Inverter and non-inverter units (R410 a gas).


Air Conditioning Repairs

Affordable sales, servicing and also repairs.

Residential and also commercial installations in Johannesburg

Installation of Midwalls, Cassates, Under ceiling and certainly Hideaways

Inverter and also non-inverter units (R410 a Gas)

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